Welcome to Stallarholmen

Stallarholmen – A nice mix of experiences!

Enjoy a coffee and shopping in Gula Industrihuset, visit Mälsåker Castle or our three medieval churches, enjoy the view at Åsa grave field, cycle along our trails, moor in the guest harbour and eat at the restaurant, go for a walk with alpacas or visit our popular events. Stallarholmen offers a nice mix of experiences for all tastes. If you’re just here to relax, there are a couple of beautiful swimming areas, places to eat, cafés and, not least, a wonderful location close to Lake Mälaren.

A warm welcome to Stallarholmen!

Mälsåkers slott

Mälsåker Castle

The island of Selaön has a baroque castle that is beautifully located on the shore of Lake Mälaren. In summer, the castle is a venue for exhibitions and concerts, and there are guided tours.
Mälsåker Castle web-site

Gula industrihuset

Gula Industrihuset (The yellow Factory)

Visit Stallarholmen and see a creative way to use a former factory. Here you’ll find Printz Bageri, an award-winning woodfired bakery with a café, shops, an auction house and handicraft in a lovely environment.
Gula Industrihuset web-site

Cykelpaus vid Mälsåker

Biking Routes

The roads in Stallarholmen are perfect for cycling. Choose between four different cycle trains in the area.
Map Biking routes Selaön , 691 kB.
Map Biking routes Toresund-Björkeby , 786 kB.
Map new route Björkeby , 251 kB.

Åsa gravfält

Åsa grave field

There are many ancient remains from the Viking Age – rune stones, grave mounds and stone circles. The best known is the ship barrow by Åsa. The field is also known for its protected pasqueflowers that cover the ground in spring.

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