Welcome to Åkers styckebruk

Åker – a factory village with the wilderness on its doorstep

The locality of Åkers styckebruk lies on Lake Visnaren, bordering the Åkers Bergslag mining district. Here you’ll find extensive areas of forest with excellent footpaths and Sörmlandsleden – the Sörmland trail – letting you walk through the unique factory environment, along paths, past mines and through two nature reserves. Or you could hire a canoe and paddle along Lake Visnaren and the magical Marviken lakes. When the lakes freeze, the focus switches to long-distance skating. You’ll find plenty of lakes, many of them with game fish.

A building dating from the 18th century is home to Åkers Bruks- och hembygdsmuseum, which tells the story of the mine and the local area. The old blast furnace opposite the manor house now accommodates several old archives.
A warm welcome to Åkers styckebruk!

Åkers bruksmuseum

Works Museum/Works archives/The English Park

The museum shows the history of one of Sweden’s oldest companies, Åkers Styckebruk. In connection to the museum, there is an archive with documents from the early 17th century. The beautiful manor house located by the works area is privately owned, but the English Park is open to visitors.
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Skottvångs gruva

Skottvång Mine

The mine is known to date back to the 16th century, but may be much older. It operated until the 1920s. Today, there is a well-preserved mining environment here with a mine museum and an active association that builds a charcoal stack here in the summer. There is also a well-known restaurant with an extensive music program.
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Åkers bergslag

Åkers bergslag, hike, paddle, cycle

The most beautiful sections of Sörmlandsleden trail pass here, and the trail is easy to access from many places. The canoe route starts by Lake Visnaren and runs via the three Marviken lakes all the way down to Vagnhärad. A cycleway, Näckrosleden, which is 700 km long, also runs all the way through Sörmland.
Sörmlandsleden web-site
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Kalkbro The limestone quarry

Nature reserve and an old limestone quarry that operated from the Middle Ages until the 1940s. The limestone was primarily used in the area’s iron production. A scene from the film about Ronja the Robber’s Daughter was shot here.
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